About Us

We are The Sweet Market

We launched with the idea of helping you celebrate life – and every event in it – with fun, stylish, personalized gifts.

The Sweet Market approaches life’s special moments and celebrations with exceptional thoughtfulness and style.

We are a gifting experience – with endless inspiration, stylish products, and many personalized options. We carefully choose products we know you’ll love - with infinite possibilities of gift giving – as well as many things you will love to gift yourself. Go ahead and spoil yourself, we’re sure you’ll find something just perfect for your closet or home!

We believe that life should be lived authentically and with a kind heart – and gift giving should be a surprise and delight experience. We have gifts for many occasions from baby showers to graduations to holidays and everything in between.

You create the personal-touch. With many personalized products, you get to choose how you will include your personal style

Browse our collections, but be warned, they are addicting, fun and stylish. No doubt they will please whoever is lucky enough to receive them (including you)!



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